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Sarah Makos, LMT

Sarah Makos licensed massage therapist

Sarah Makos, LMT is a Pennsylvania Licensed Massage Therapist. She has contributed to the field for 10 years in a variety of settings; from salon and spa, to home-based appointments, and now a family-owned business with her husband.


Sarah has also worked as an adjunct college instructor for the past 8 years, sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for the field of human biology. She is currently employed part-time at King's College in Wilkes-Barre.


Sarah attended Morrisville State College in New York to attain her Associates Degree in Massage Therapy. She continued her education at Binghamton University in  Psychology and then completed her Master's Degree in Liberal Studies. Her coursework and thesis navigated the growing field of Psychosomatics; the mind-body connection.


Sarah practices integrated massage, where a variety of modalities may be used within one session. It is vital that each massage is individualized to the client's needs. She is not only concerned about the physiological aspects of her massages but the psychological and emotional as well. She encourages her clients to prioritize their mental health to a similar degree they would their physical health. 


Because of Sarah's varying teaching schedule, massage appointments cannot be booked online. Please call/text 570.733.3028 or email to book!

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