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Dr. Andrew Makos


Dr. Andrew Makos is a Pennsylvania State Licensed and Board Certified Chiropractor. While working on his degree in Exercise Science at East Stroudsburg University, a car accident almost ended his collegiate tennis career; had a chiropractor not intervened. After experiencing the life changing benefits of chiropractic firsthand, Dr. Andrew was inspired to become a chiropractor.


Once he completed his Bachelor's degree, he continued on to New York Chiropractic Collegefollowing his passion. During this time, he focused on the treatment of athletes, family and on elderly care.


Dr. Makos combines his experience in Exercise Science with chiropractic techniques in order to create patient centered treatment programs. As a former multi-sport athlete, and as a lifelong student, Dr. Andrew understands both the needs of an athlete’s body to achieve optimal performance and to recover from injury, as well as the toll that long hours seated at a desk can take on your spine.


Utilizing evidenced based research, Dr. Andrew will have you back on track through various manual adjustments, instrument-assisted techniques and soft tissue manipulations. His priority is to ensure each patient the highest quality of care.

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